GURU GOBIND SINGH JI – A SAVIOUR OF HUMANITY --- He, who mocked Sikh sentiments, objects against being mocked --- Pearl company MD NS Bhangoo arrested for Rs 45000 cr scam --- 2016: A year of moral reckoning --- Kejriwal may shift base for Punjab battle --- Punjab govt declares 1.14 lakh new jobs, life imprisonment for desecration of Guru Granth Sahib --- Thinking beyond the concept of SGPC to safeguard Sikh ethos --- ‘Sarbat Khalsa’ appoints Beant Singh assassin as Akal Takht Jathedar --- The Modi presidency is over --- Law & logic don’t work in Punjab; 2 brothers held in haste, let off under public pressure

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Would Manpreet turn his weaknesses into strength?

KULDEEP MANN: AMRITSAR: Starting on smooth silk and later picking to mount the stumbling blocks to reach on political acme, Manpreet Singh Badal, founder chief of the Peoples’ Party of Punjab PPP, has come a long way. After experiencing many ups and downs scion of Badal family seems to be now settling for pragmatic political approach. ‘Mr clean’ of sullied Punjab politics Manpreet Singh Badal,... 

See what happens in Delhi Metro!

NEW DELHI: Taking advantage of less passengers on board during early hours of the day at Delhi Metro, some youngsters cross decency limits to satisfy their lust. In one such case, recently, a young couple was caught on camera getting hot in Delhi Metro. Please click the link below to see the video.    Read More →

Amritsar – Birmingham flight fine but why via Delhi?

The most profitable route is always the shortest route. Between India and Birmingham in the British Midlands, the most profitable route is Amritsar – Birmingham non-stop. By sending a plane to Amritsar from New Delhi and then coming back to New Delhi to start a non-stop flight is time consuming and fuel wasting exercise. For the betterment of fiscal health of Air India, the non-stop journey must... 

Private party-time in Islamabad

How the conservative Islamic society rich people enjoy private parties in cities like Islamabad? Click the link below to view a private dance party in Islamabad.      Read More →