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Why Us?

At a time when a number of newspapers and electronic channels are stuffing the Punjab people with lot of news and views stuff, coming up of a new ePaper with focus on Punjab may reasonably be argued.

But, the initiator of this ePaper, Kuldeep Mann, who has more than 15 years experience to work for reputed newspapers like The Tribune, Indian Express and Hindustan Times, believes that most of the media sections in this part of India, have lost focus. Most of the news stuff which is projected in the prevalent newspapers or electronic media, is based on day to day happenings or the exaggerated statements made by the politicians of all hues. As a result hardly any media section is taking pains to dig out the reasons that what went wrong with Punjab? Why its growth engine has started chocking? What should be done to restore the pristine glory of Punjab as a number one state in India?

As all these questions pertaining to ‘Our beloved Punjab’ started giving sleepless nights to Kuldeep Mann, he quit his position of Special Correspondent & In-Charge Majha region in Hindustan Times to start this venture. This journalist, who is the recipient of KC Kulish International Merit Award for Excellence in Print Journalism, wanted to start this venture in two languages – English and Punjabi, but owing to resource constraints this ePaper is being started in English only.

With a mission to take Punjab ahead, this ePaper would be boldly critical of all the wrongdoings, which capture the attention of Jago Punjab Jago India (JPJI) editorial team. Promising to uphold the ethical principles of being an accurate, objective and unbiased branch of journalism, it would try to maintain its focus around the single motto – Punjab’s progress.

About title:


The title of this ePaper was booked in July 2010, much before a Punjab politician resigned from a ministerial berth and started Jago Punjab Yatra. So, this investigative news website has nothing to do with any politician or political party.