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Book on sexual life of Benazir Bhutto & Sherry Rehman causes political storm in Pakistan

benazir-bhuttoStory of the Century:

A long-awaited book by Roshan Mirza on the secret sex life of Benazir Bhutto is finally appeared. The book is titled, “Indecent Correspondece: Secret Sex Life of Benazir Bhutto”. It is available on Amazon in ebook format and on Lulu in the print. The news & glimpses of this story have already created a controversy when first published on Weekly Blitz, a Bangladesh tabloid


The entire story emerged in a very interesting way…

Saira Mir & Rufi… They had an unusual life in Paris. Both of them had been active participants in private sex parties and exclusive swingers clubs in Paris where partners were openly exchanged. They had this lifestyle for more than ten years. Their relationship came to a turning point and they split… 

Many years passed by…

A book appeared, “My Sex Life in Paris” by Saira Mir. The book was read by a woman, Kiran Yusufzai in Dubai who had been doing research on the sex life of high-profile women from Pakistan and India. Kiran wrote to Saira. They both started the correspondence… Kiran revealed to Saira about the sex lives of some high-caliber ladies including Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan – and Sherry Rehman, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States. Kiran had been very close to both of them.

Kiran, a swinger herself and a bisexual – and Saira with all the experience of her sex life in Paris… exchange the little tales of their explosive sexy moments – ranging from their bisexual encounters with elegant ladies to the wild bangs with the rough and tough men… 


Indecent Correspondence: Secret Sex Life of Benazir Bhutto

“A political dynasty in the limelight…” 

Benazir Bhutto (Revelations through Sherry Rehman, Kiran Yusufzai and Saira Mir)

Bilawal Bhutto (Revelations through Omar, the co-organizer of VIP sex parties with Sherry Rehman)


I am highly indebted to Sherry Rehman. She showed me and opened up a whole world of sexuality for me. Sexual dimensions which I never thought existed – enriched my life with her help. We started making around when I was at Herald. Initially it was a lesbian romp. But then I attended a few private parties with her and then I was introduced to a swinging lifestyle. She is very dominant but caring during sex. You will experience with her true heights of wild love and passion. I greatly admire Benazir Bhutto. She had a libertine sex life. She was a bisexual and participated in swingers’ sex parties. Aunty Sherry introduced me to Benazir, when she arranged a sex party in UK. Benazir was really without example, unique with no parallel. My life’s greatest moments were making love with Benazir. I am honored and privileged to have done it. My only regret is that I only got the opportunity four times. Each and every occasion is burnt in my mind and soul. It would live forever with me as a cherished possession of my life. 

Sherry Rehman:

Dear Saira, I read your book, My Sex Life in Paris.

Your book is reminiscent of Catherine Millet’s work, who incidentally happens to be a French art critic. It also reminds me of Mariyah Salih’s Harem Girl. Such autobiographical literature could be a sign of liberated times. I feel that this genre embodies and personifies a woman’s myriad desires. Your narration is good and spontaneous. 

Saira Mir:

Kiran dear, my highest score in a sex party has been 7 men. What has been your highest score so far? I had sex with so many people in Paris that I thought I should write a book to reflect this real-life tale. 


Saira dear, I  have sent your book to Bilawal and Sherry. I wrote how open-minded you are. But if I get your new photo, it’s good. Bilawal is surely coming to this sex party. I was with him in three sex parties earlier. This will be his 4th one. Saira, I normally don’t talk about my clients. It is not my way of doing things but because you have told me openly about your personal life and are so open and free-minded, so I will share with you only. I am a professional in my field and I am proud of it. Now I provide services to Sherry Rehman and Shehla who are my important customers in Pakistan. If you have a chance to talk to Shehla, you can ask about me. I was also providing services to Benazir Bhutto. I met her first time on 23rd August 2003. I will always remember that. It was in London and she booked a session with me for the whole night. (Saira I know you understand this fact that every woman has the right to do for her life as she likes). I really loved Benazir as a woman, she was very active sexually. Yes, “incest” makes people go more wild in sex. That’s what I see with Benazir’s family. It’s like a tradition and custom in their family. I will explain it later.