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California Gurdwara fight tarnished Sikhs image: NAPA

JALANDHAR: Lashing out at those Gurudwara Parbandhak Committees in India and abroad who are indulging in  dirty power politics in Guruduwara, Satnam Singh Chahal, executive director North American Punjabi Association (NAPA), said that the fighting in or outside in any Guruduwara Sahib was defaming the Sikh Community around the globe which is a major concern for all common Sikhs.

Chahal’s reaction came soon after when video capturing a dramatic fight at the Turlock Sikh Temple in California went viral. In this video, men and women were captured live shouting, punching and even hitting each other with weapons, present a scene of utter chaos. Chahal said that this was very unfortunate that this sort of scene has become all too familiar in gurdwara’s across the world.

He said that a common Sikh do not  know the reason behind the fight but they do care about is the detrimental impact the conflict in Turlock, and other conflicts like it, have on the next generation of Sikhs in America and in other countries. When some so called Sikh participate in this sort of needless violence, it does irreparable damage to the long term future of Sikhs around the globe. In order for any religious community to sustain itself, it must assimilate its youth. This youth must be proud of its identity. This youth should have a basic understanding of the major principles of its faith. And most importantly, this youth must take an active interest in the preservation of the faith. These sorts of fights have the opposite effect. For Sikh youth, this sort of violence, pettiness and chaos is a major turn off from the faith itself.added Chahal

He said that when we see scenes of shameful violence like what happened in Turlock, we distance ourselves from these institutions of faith. This, in turn, is producing a generation of uninterested and apathetic Sikhs. We don’t want to get tangled in politics, so we simply stop showing up. The difference between Sikhism, and other major faiths operating around the globe, has been Sikhism’s lack of contemporary adaptation. There is a clear disconnect from the young men and women who are supposed to carry the torch of Sikhi, and those who currently operate its institutions. This divide is more than cultural. It’s a fundamental difference in how we view the religion. While we become entrenched in pursuit of our own petty politics, we’ve managed to marginalize and push away those same people who are supposed to fill your ranks.

Concluding his statement Chahal said that this kind of Guruduwara Committee have created a toxic environment within our religious institutions. Gurdwara’s are meant to be places of serenity, introspection and peace. Instead, you, and whatever ridiculous politics you subscribe to, have shamefully devolved them into the subject of viral fight videos