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Community worried about Sikh girls being exploited by Muslims

This problem of Extremist Muslims captivating and marrying and grooming Sikh girls has been an international problem.

This has happened in Australia, Malaysia and United Kingdom as of my knowledge.

This has been happening for the last 20 years as i have heard of several cases and heard from extremely distraught and heart-broken parents.

The question that we need to ask ourselves as a community is -How can we stop this from happening in the future.

The answers that come to our minds would be several. However we need to learn from history, as the past teaches us the best for the future.

If we don’t learn from our history then we will never carry the wisdom forward and keep making the same errors.


The one main lesson that the past has taught us is our strength only lies in our unity- .United we stand Divided we FALL(suffer). So how do we create unity platforms so the problems faced on a community level can be dealt with.

Firstly we need to list out the problems and then find the solutions.Does every problem has a solution- yes. But as everyone of you can realize, is that we need to unite first. Is this very difficult.


But to talk about the numerous problems facing us at this moment would take a long email.


Let us see if we can find a solution of the problem that lies in BBC video.

The one and only solution is to handle this on a country level in a way that this will stop the abuse.

The one and only way is to bring all the Gurudwaras in Englsnd on one platform and create a member committee of representatives from each Gurudwara to fight this problem.There are several countries that have already done this.

In Melbourne all the Gurudwara have created a common platform and appointed one representative.The

representatives meet once a week to discuss the problems ,if any,facing the community and find solution.

I would appeal to the sangat to appeal to the Gurudwara,s to in their countries to structure this.

(Excerpt taken from Sikhs Helping Sikhs)