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Dear PM: Your oratory charming, stand on corruption ugly!

Narendra_ModiHere is the unedited copy of the letter written by NAPA to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

Honorable Narendera Modi Prime Minister of India, Government of India,

New Delhi :

Dear Prime Minister

On behalf of North American Punjabi Association we would like to express our serious concern about the present political scenario in our Country for your timely consideration

For over  a year Indian Diaspora  have watched you from  afar  with hope and expectation for India, my motherland. Your oratory has been charming and exhortations to Indians to build a better India quite impressive. Living in United States and an Executive director of North American Punjabi Association (NAPA) I am able to follow some developments in India. The ever deepening cancer of financial, moral and ethical corruption has been quite obvious even to an observer from afar such as me. As you ascended to the prime minister ship we were reassured when we heard you say “Na khaoonga, na khanay doonga”; you will not be corrupt and will not anyone else to be corrupt. Despite the reservations many had about the Godra riots in Gujarat, like the voters of India, I too was prepared to cut you some slack as under the UPA and Manmohan Singh, despite the latter’s perceived honesty, had become thoroughly corrupted and unable to govern the country.

I am writing this letter not to criticise you but to urge you to keep faith with those that voted you into the prime ministership. They were hoping you would provide a corruption free administration. They were also counting on you to weed out any

individuals or office holders in your government, the BJP state governments or your party. I have noticed that instead of weeding out the bad apples from your governments your party and cabinet ministers are busy mindlessly defending them. Your spokespersons keep arguing about how corrupt the UPA had become as if that gives your administration any licensee or latitude to do the same.

For the UPA Coal, 2G  and myriad other scams  brought severe disrepute and eventual defeat at the polls. The serious allegations against your foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and Chief Minister of  Rajsthan Vasundara Raje regarding Lalit Modi supported by the publicly available documentation are an indelible blot on your governments’ claims of incorruptibility. You should instruct your spokespersons to stop putting forth the defense of low standards set by the UPA in dealing with corruption under their watch. Indians elected you to raise not further lower the standard of governance. With the kind of documentary evidence publicly available to support the allegations of serious impropriety on the part of External affair Minister Sushma Swaraj and Chief Minister of Rajsthan Vasundara Raje had you applied the proper tests of moral, ethical and financial uprightness they could not have lasted a Nano-second in their positions. Theirs are not merely technical transgressions. They have violated the trust placed in them and you by Indians who elected you mere months ago.

I urge you to be vigilant in living up to that sacred trust that people of India have placed in you. Otherwise Indians will be forgiven for believing that UPA and the NDA are like the Tweedledum and Tweedledee.


Satnam Singh Chahal,  Executive Director