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guru_gobind_singhEr.Narinder Singh Pheruman: 

Due to a long spell of about 800 years of ruthless Mughal rule and tyrannical rule by Aurangzeb, Hindus and even brave Rajputs and kashatris had totally lost their power, glory and manliness. The time had come that the name of Hindus would have been eroded from Hindostan as happened with residents of Iran, Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Turkistan and the Qureshies of The Arab. At this crucial time, A Pious soul and a servant ( ‘Daas’ ) of GOD appeared in this world on December 22,1666 AD in Patna, Hindostan by taking birth in the lap of MAATA Gujar kaur Ji. He was named Gobind Rai, as per directions of his father given before leaving the home, to enlighten the humanity in Bengal and Asaam. After his birth even a Muslim Saint Saiyad Bheekhanh shah, who was living in Punjab, paid obscience to God by facing towards Patna in the east, against Islamic practice of facing towards Mecca in the west. On questioning by his followers, he replied that God’s light has now appeared in the east, as such he faced east to pray. To prove his contention and receive blessings, he along with some of his followers went to Patna. He placed two pots before Gobind Rai, one filled with water and the other with milk to know that whom would he help. But Gobind Rai placed his hands on both the pots and spilled both on the ground, conveying the message that both Hindus and Muslims are equal to him and that the humanity is one. On seeing this, Saiyad Bheekhanh shah was very delighted and fell on the feet of child Guru. Guru Gobind Singh has said in ‘ BACHITAR NAATAK’ that

                          MEIN HOON PARAM PURAKH KA DAASA. II

                          DEKHAN AAIYO JAGAT TAMASHA.   II———BACHITAR NATAK–p–137

He saw his father when he was three and half years old, after Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji came back from tour of Bengal, Asaam etc, Gobind Rai was six years old when he was brought to Anandpur in February 1672 AD. He learnt Persian, Sanskrit and brijbhasha etc and became well versed in armoury training, horse riding and swimming etc., as he had great inclination towards warfare and used to make children fight artificial battles by dividing them in groups. When Gobind Rai was about eight and half years old, a deputation of Kashmiri Pandits begged Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji for saving their lives and religion as Aurangzeb was forcing them to convert to Islam or face death as faced by millions of Hindus, as Sri Guru Teg Bahadur ji had become popular among the people. Gobind Rai, who was then by the side of The Guru, asked Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji the reason for being in deep thought, to which The Guru replied that some saintly person has to sacrifice his life to save their lives and religion. Gobind Rai replied instantaneously that: ‘Who can be more saintly than You’. The climax reached after Guru Tegh Bahadur asked Kashmiri “Pandits” to tell Aurangzeb that if he converts Guru Tegh Bahadur ji to Islam, who is their Guru, they will all follow the Guru and convert to Islam. 

On learning this, Aurangzeb summoned Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji to Delhi. Having been convinced that Gobind Rai will be able to meet the challenges of the hard times ahead, He consoled the family and the Sikhs and handed over the responsibility to Gobind Rai and left Anandpur to proceed to Delhi on His own volition, along with close companions,  He was arrested enroute on 12th July, 1675 AD in village Malikpur near Ropar and taken to Sirhand and then sent to Delhi in an iron cage on 5 November 1675 AD. He was asked to convert to Islam and tortured for five days, to which The Guru refused.Then His close companions were extremely tortured to death I.e. Bhai Mati Dass was sawn alive, Bhai Sati Das was wrapped in cotton and burned to death and Bhai Diala JI was boiled to death in water in front of the Guru so that on seeing the torture He may accept Islam. As The Guru remained unmoved, He was put in chains and was asked to perform miracle, which even He refused, to appease the persecutors. Consequently He  was then publicly beheaded and martyred on 11th Nov,1675 AD in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, which The Guru endured with infinite peace, sacrificing His life to save ‘ janeou’ ( religious symbol ) and life of Hindus, for the sake of humanity. Guru’s obvious aim was to prepare and brace the Indian community morally for battles against injustice that they would be required to fight and enthuse them to make sacrifices for humanity. Thus Guru Tegh Bahadur ji, by His supreme sacrifice, gave a glorious lead to the people for imbibing a spirit of heroism and  the will to fight against oppression without bias. 

Tenth Nanak i.e. Guru Gobind  Rai was only nine years old, when the great responsibility of directing the affairs of the Sikhs fell on His shoulders. He was very saddened to learn from Bhai Jaita, who carried the head of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji from Delhi after a perilous journey and presented to Guru Gobind Rai at Anandpur Sahib, that at the time of the trial of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji very few Sikhs, with the exception of immediate followers, had shown the courage of their conviction. Also the fact that only a few sikhs volunteered to take the headless trunk of The Guru to perform the last rights by eluding the guards was disheartening. Amongst the few Sikhs was Lakhi Shah Lubana, who burnt down his own house in order to cremate Guru Tegh Bahadur ji’s body (trunk). 

Thus Guru Gobind Rai visualized the danger of backsliding among the Sikhs. He therefore vowed that He will make Sikhs ‘ The Khalsa’ as ordained by WAHEGURU, who will never fear and will fight against oppression for the cause of humanity and give them such an appearance that a Sikh will be spotted and identified even amongst a crowd of lacs. The Guru had no prior experience for undertaking a task of this magnitude, but the exemplary self-sacrifice of His father to protect the oppressed at the cost of His life was engraved in His heart. The task before Him was stupendous, having no resources, no army, no wealth, but only a handful of Sikhs for this purpose. He was aware of killing cowardice and utter despondency of the Hindus who had fallen in all aspects, i.e. cast-ridden, lost manliness being suppressed by Muslim rulers, having faith in many gods, Demigods, Goddesses, stones, fire, water,  animals, vegetation, metals etc.The spark of fighting for humanity was lit in the heart of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji , which all earlier Hindu reformers such as Sri Ramachandra, Sri Krishna, Shankaracharya and Ramanuja greatly lacked. 

Thus with great wisdom, patience for an opportune time in mind and desire of cooling down the opposition of Ram Rai (a contender for Guruship), GURU GOBIND RAI retired to the hills in the state  of Nahan, where He founded a fort called ‘Paonta’ on land offered by the ruler of Nahan. He calibrated ways and means to free His countrymen from the bonds of sins and sufferings. He acted on the advice of His father, as mentioned by Him in “Bachitar Natak”. He placed literary activity in the forefront of His programe of national reconstruction and for this purpose He engaged 52 poets. His purpose was to diffuse a new spirit among the people and devise means to utilize to its good effects. He studied chronicles of great warriors and philosophies of other religions. He also practiced riding, hunting, swimming, archery and sword play. Sikhs started gathering around Him, seeing His ‘aura’ and accepting the fact that Ram Rai’s claim had proven hollow. He then set to preparing an army of Sikhs. His living embraced all phases of life i.e. moral, socio-political and spiritual.  

Guru Gobind Singh Ji has made His mission clear in “Bachitar Natak”, where  He says that He came to this world to propagate principle (dharma) and to protect saints and annihilate tyrant rulers and that He Prays God for help for this purpose. 

Thadh bhaiou mei jor kar   Bachan kaha Sirr niayaie. II

Panth Chalie tab Jagat mei   Jab tum karo sahayie. II.  —BACHITAR NATAK —136 

His intellectualized emotions rose to the highest when He communes with The God, which is mentioned in His Baani, “Akaal Ustat”, where He addresses God with “Tu Hi” sixteen times, and gets absorbed for 16 hours. His increasing influence made hill rulers jealous and they attacked Him and the Guru defeated them in the battle of ‘Bhangani ‘ in 1686 AD. But the Guru did not use the victory for any political gains and returned to Anandpur. Here, He built four forts to keep hill state rulers in check. He tried to rouse the hill people and hill rulers to a sense of national unity but found them not rising above caste and, racial prejudices and vested interests by making common cause with Muslim rulers and even joining hands with the enemy against Him. After having exercised all possible peaceful means of persuasion to stop the repressive acts of the Mughal rulers against humanity, Guru ji was forced to resort to take up armed struggle when he declared that: 


HALAL  AST  BURDAN  B  SHAMSHEER DASAT II 22 ||   Dasam Granth ( Zafarnama )

i.e.  all modes of redressing a wrong having failed; raising of  sword is pious and just. 

The sword remained to be put to test. He also felt that the Sikhs were very limited in

number to take on the Herculean task of wrecking the tyranny of the Mohammedan rulers and put an end to the evil. He felt the necessity of building the Psyche of Indians and  Hindus in particular as Hindu mind had lost its manly character and had become submissive and the very sight of the sword terrified them. Moreover, the Hindus of north India had no truck with the Hindus of south India, both being unconcerned with the east India and none of these having any single practice common with the western India. The Indian people had been reduced to servile and spineless people as Hindostan was completely enslaved by the Mohammedans, so much so that even Rajputs had started offering their daughters to Mughal rulers. Something spectacular and miraculous was needed to revolutionize the thought and will of the the people of  Hindostan. The Guru decided to wake up their conscious and make them brave and fearless by baptizing the people with “Amrit” i.e. the water of immortality and give a unique identity to this small nation of The Sikhs. 

He called a congregation at Anandpur on Baisakhi day i.e. March 30, 1699 AD. When all were seated, He drew out His sword and said loudly, “Is there anyone here, who would lay down his head for Dharma”?.  At this the whole assembly was thrown into commotion, but THE GURU went on repeating His demand. At the third call, Daya Ram, a Khatri of Lahore, volunteered. GURU took him into an enclosure. He came out with the sword dripping in blood and asked for another head. At this instance Dharam Chand, a jat of Delhi, came forward and was taken into the enclosure. In a similar fashion, three more men offered themselves for the sacrifice. The GURU after dressing these five in handsome attire with flowing beards and ‘KES’ (hairs) maintained; submitting to Laws of nature/ Will of GOD and tying handsome turban to preserve them nicely and brandishing four other ‘KAKARS’ i.e. ‘KARHA’, ‘KASHEHRA’, ‘KANGHA’, ‘KIRPAN’, Symbolising holiness, spirituality, masculinity, self-restraint, sovereignty and destroyer of darkness and brought them before the assembly. He baptized them with“khande da Pahul” i.e.”Amrit” ( water of immortality), which was prepared by stirring water in an iron bowl with His double edged sword called “Khanda” and  reciting the divine ‘baanis’ of ‘Japji’, ‘JAAP’, ‘Tav Prasad Savaiye’, ‘Kabio Bach Benti Chaupai’ and ‘Anand Sahib’ Himself and which was sweetened with sugar crystals added by Mata Sahib kaur ji. He baptized them by making them drink the water of immortality i.e. “Amrit”, pouring “Amrit” into their eyes and head. He also asked them to drink it from the same iron bowl, although four of them were from low castes and one was from high caste. Thus with this revolutionary deed, The Guru turned ‘jackals’ to “lions” and emboldened ‘sparrows’ to face “Eagles” and simultaneously took a great step for abolishing caste system in India and created a caste less universal brotherhood. Thus He made religious fervor the backbone of His warlike doctrines and created the practical skill with mystical meditation, the subsequent results of which speak for themselves.

Thus The ‘NAAM’ and spirit of Omnipotent God was instilled into water with having recited ‘GURBANI’, thus turning it into “Amrit” and sugar crystals were added to it ,giving the devout and the fearless the character of love, tolerance, respect, humanity along with traits of a warrior as per Divine Command. He called them “Panj Piaras” i.e. Beloved ones and gave them the name “Singh”. He also gave them the slogan “Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji KI Fateh” to greet each other. The Guru then requested these five beloved ones to give Him “Amrit” and make Him their first disciple, as they collectively should be His Guru. He thus became Guru Gobind Singh from Guru Gobind Rai. The Guru hence  set an example of religious development in the world i.e. The Guru baptizing the followers and the followers baptizing The Guru. The Guru thus passed the leadership to “Panj Piaras” and called them ‘KHALSA’, who is subordinate to none as ‘KHALSA’ belongs to The ALMIGHTY GOD AND IS HIS ARMY to fight evil in the world and has appeared as per HIS WISHES AND WILL SURVIVE TILL ETERNITY. THE GURU thus completed the framework of a SIKH for which it took almost 200 years to complete the task. THE GURU declared that ‘KHALSA’ has been born as per wishes of the God as Guru says that:



PARGATEO KHALSA PARMATAM KI MAUJ || – Guru Gobind Singh ji (Sarbloh Granth)-line-459 

He took this revolutionary step, realizing that evil in the world was spreading on the wings of the sword. He thus decided to face it by organizing virtue with the help of sword so that the sword of a reformer should act as surgeon’s knife. Thus the founding of “Khalsa” was the climax of founding of Sikhism. The people divided as Hindus, Muslims, rich, poor, low and upper castes were united into one universal brotherhood. Thus the religious evolution started by Guru Nanak reached its goal i.e. the communities which hated each other were united into one brotherhood i.e. SIKHISM. Guru thus gave birth to “Khalsa” who will worship one God, be sovereign in religious and political aspects of life and fight for justice, freedom and equality and punish the evil and endure to establish a humanitarian rule. He called the “khalsa” His own self as the Guru says that:-




TAB LAG TEJ DIUN MAEN SAARA. II——-Guru Gobind Singh ji (Sarb loh Granth)–p–291

i.e. ‘Khalsa’ is very essence and I live in the KHALSA”. Till the Khalsa is perfect/ pure as envisaged by Him, His blessings will be with the Khalsa. 

Thus The ‘KHALSA’ created by Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, acting on the advice, the spirit and with the blessings of The Guru, gave a Heroic fight to the Mughal/Turkish rulers and erased Sirhind to the ground and routed the Sirhind Muslim ruler and thus the first SIKH STATE of SIRHIND was created by Baba Banda Bahadur Singh in 1710 AD as per directions of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji given to him at  NANDED IN 1708 AD, when The Guru gave him five arrows and directed him to act on the advice of five sikhs. Baba Banda Bahadur Singh  established a humanitarian rule and gave ownership rights of land to the actual tillers of the land i.e. The farmers. No Mosques were destroyed and no Muslims were killed , except the rulers. Continuing their tirade ,The Sikhs established 12 SIKH ‘Misals’ from boundaries of Delhi to Lahore under different brave Sikhs Generals  such as Jassa Singh Ramgarhia, Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, Nawab Kapur Singh,Charat Singh, Sham Singh Attariwala ,etc. The ‘KHALSA’ then unified these ‘Misals’ and ultimately established ‘KHALSA RAJ’ right from boundaries of Delhi to ‘DARYA KHYBER’ in Afghanistan under Ranjit Singh in 1799 AD, who was declared Maharaja in 1802 AD by Sahib Singh Bedi, who was ‘sarbarah’ of Akal Takhat.The brave ‘KHALSA’ Generals like Hari Singh Nalwa fought so bravely that even just his name haunted the Muslims and Pathans. He was so strong that he killed a lion with his hands without any weapon when asked by Maharaja Ranjit Singh on the behest of ‘Dogras’. Thus the prophecy of Guru Gobind Singh Ji made in ‘ jafarnama’ written to Aurangzeb that ; ‘How does it matter that you have killed my four sons, but my KHALSA snake is alive, Who will finish / swallow your empire and make you pauper, proved to true and THE KHALSA destroyed The Mughal rule.  

Thus SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH Ji transformed the cast-ridden, coward, fallen and utterly despondent society of Hindu India to “lions”, to whom He gave the name of ‘KHALSA ‘, who removed the shackles of slavery of about 800 years suffered by Indian people , by destroying the tyrant Mughal/Turkish rule in Punjab and creating the ‘KHALSA RAJ’ in North-west of India. Brave sikh generals like General Hari Singh Nalwa blocked the entry of foreign invaders from Khyber pass forever, which laid the foundation for destroying Mughal rule in Hindostan. So much so that sikh generals like BAGHEL SINGH occupied the Delhi throne and unfurled ‘KHALSA’ flag over Lal Qila. But as THE ‘ KHALSA’ did not have enough army to control whole of the area and  therefore left it after taking Rs three crores in cash as booty and taking assurance for building Gurdwaras in memories of Sikh Gurus in Delhi, for which about 4000 sikh Army stayed back. The Indian people, especially the Hindus, should forever be indebted to SRI GURU TEGH BAHADUR JI, for having sacrificed His life to protect their sacred thread(JANEU); and SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI for sacrificing His entire family I.e. Grandfather, father, mother and four sons to fight against oppression to free Hindostan from tyranny of 800 years of Mughal rule and establishing a socialist/democratic rule. 

There is no parallel to sacrifices of SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI in the whole world as The GURU sacrificed His whole family for the cause of HUMANITY and not for any vested interests, religion or establishing kingdom, when all wars in this world have been fought because of women, dispute, land/ kingdom(‘RAJ’). Thus when we visualize the short life of GURU GOBIND SINGH JI, it is like being connected to a live electric wire. He was luminous like the sun and had conquered death. Although all Gurus contributed to the task started by Guru Nanak Dev JI for the welfare of humanity but SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI reached the climax. He completed the task by giving birth to ‘THE KHALSA’, and giving the status of THE LIVING GURU to SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI as it gives a universal message for the humanity at large,  

Thus The“Gurbani” in Sri Guru Granth Sahib became the spirit and if the Sikh Nation acts as per this spirit, their life attains the true spirit of the “Gurbani”, it becomes the “Khalsa”- the pure and true and therefore the “GURU KHALSA PANTH”. In consonance with Guru Gobind Singh ji’s wishes the Sikh faith is guided by joint sovereignty of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and “GURU KHALSA PANTH” i.e “GURU GRANTH PANTH” i.e. the Guru is the scripture permeating in the Sikh community. But at the same time,Tenth Guru cautioned that if The ‘KHALSA’ follows the brahmanical ways and thus departs from the spirit of ‘Gurbani’, He will not be with them. Guru says that: 


MAEN NA KAROON IN KI PARTEET  II—-  Guru Gobind Singh ji (Sarbloh Granth )–p–291

I.e. If The Sikhs follow the brahmanical ways, The Guru will not give His blessings to The ‘KHALSA’. 

Thus if the Sikhs do not act on the directions of the Guru in ‘Gurbani’ and do not imbibe its true spirit and follow the brahmanical ways, they do not get Guru’s blessings and thus lose the rights of “KHALSA” and become the same host of misguided people who existed before the advent of the Guru and consequently lose the right to be part of “GURU GRANTH PANTH”. 

The Hindus should not forget SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI who saved the sinking boat of Hindu religion from the huricane of tyrannical Mughal rule. The Plant of SIKHISM, which was planted by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and was watered by the sacrifice of Guru Arjan Dev Ji and Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji by giving His head and watered by Guru Har Gobind Ji with message of ‘Miri’ and ‘ Piri’. Finally Guru Gobind Singh Ji watered it with the rivers of blood of His father, mother, four sons, Panj Piaras and thousands of Sikh followers that it bore the fruit of love for God and His creation I.e. humanity, irrespective of cast, creed, rich, poor, low, high etc. and love for the nation.  

The Sikhs should remember that Guru Gobind Singh Ji sacrificed His entire family for Sikhism and maintaining the unique identity  I.e. keeping hairs, turban, reading and following GURBANI and not that their children cut their hair, beard and wear earrings. Seeing the hair, beard of the younger generation of the Sikhs and use of intoxicants in Punjab, The Guru will definitely curse instead of blessing. The biggest tribute to The Guru will be that Sikhs should take a pledge on the eve of PARKAASH DIVAS of Guru Gobind Singh Ji that they will read, understand and follow GURBANI and teach Punjabi and GURBANI to their children and not cut their own hair and beard and that of their children.They should also endure to make efforts to help establish a truly democratic rule where they are in this world for the welfare of the humanity at large, as per message of The Guru.