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Guru-Nanak-Dev-JiEr. Narinder Singh Pheruman:

Before the appearance of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji in this world, the springs of true religion had been choked up by weeds of unmeaning ceremonies, debasing superstitions, the selfishness of priests and the indifference of people. The centuries of invasions, foreign misrule and persecutions had brought the greatest depression and spiritual demoralization in the people of  India to an enormous degree. The status of woman was at its lowest ebb, not only in India,Islamic countries & Asia, but in the west as well. It was believed by most of the religions of the world that God has created them as woman, thereby depriving them of  attaining salvation, so they must be born as man again to get release from transmigration of souls i.e. attain salvation.


Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji appeared on the scene in 1469 AD in village Rai Bhoi Di Talwandi adjoining Sheikhupura near Lahore(now Pakistan). He was sent to different teachers in turn for learning Devnaagri, Sanskrit, Persian and Punjabi etc. but all His teachers told his father Mehta Kalu that they are astonished to know that Nanak has intuitive knowledge of different languages and The Almighty God and that they cannot teach him anything more. They even fell on Guru Nanak’s feet, telling his father that He is a light of God. After getting this reply from Guru Nanak’s teachers, He was not sent to school for learning.

As Guru Nanak’s father wanted that his son should not remain idle, He was sent for grazing of Buffaloes. Guru Nanak sat under a tree and went into meditation with God and Buffaloes entered the field of a farmer and damaged his crop, whose proprietor complained to Nawab Rai Bular, who when came for investigation found the crop to be in very good condition. After this episode, he fell on Guru Nanak’s feet and apologized and became a disciple of Guru Nanak. Then Guru Nanak’s father gave him twenty rupees and asked him to learn to do some business. On the way to the town for business, some hungry learned Sadhus met Guru Nanak and he purchased ration from the market with this money. He prepared ‘langar’ (meals) and served it to the hungry Sadhus and thus started the institution of ‘Langar’.

After sometime, his brother-in-law Jai Ram Ji came to Talwandi. Nawab Rai Bular, in consultation with him, sent Guru Nanak to Sultanpur Lodhi with Jai Ram Ji in 1485 AD. Jai Ram Ji got Him the appointment of an official In Charge of the store of Daulat Khan Lodhi, a Muslim ruler of Sultanpur Lodhi. He performed His duty with competence, sincerity and honesty. One day while distributing ration to the people, when counting reached the figure of ‘Tera’ (thirteen), he got absorbed in Almighty God and continued distributing ration to the poor, counting ‘Tera-Tera’(yours). On receiving complaint that Nanak has emptied the store by distributing more to the poor, Nawab got the store accounts verified but instead found it in excess by Rupees seven hundred. As a result of this, the Nawab felt ashamed and became disciple of The Guru. He was married in 1487 AD with Bibi Sulakhni, daughter of Sh.Mool chand of Pakhoke Randhawa, who gave birth to two sons I.e. baba Bidhi chand in 1494 AD and Baba Lakhmi Dass in 1497 AD.

After studying the social and political conditions of India, eastern and the western world, one day He decided to go into trance and commune with Almighty God and went to take bath in Riverlet ‘Vaeen’ with His companion and disappeared after taking dip in the Riverlet. As He did not come out till evening, His companion raised an alarm that Nanak went into Riverlet but has not come out still. Nawab Daulat Khan sent his army in search of Him but could not find Him and the whole city became very sad. Bhai Mardana continued singing kirtan on the side of the Riverlet. Guru Nanak reappeared after three days from Riverlet of ‘Vaeen’, and after coming out of the Riverlet, He orated the ‘MOOL MANTAR’ telling the people that God is One and that “There is neither a HINDU nor a MUSALMAN” and the people bowed at his feet.

After receiving the message from Almighty God, Guru Nanak Dev Ji set out for His mission to wake up a depressed, demoralized, superstitious and priest ridden society and enlighten the world, after leaving the service of Daulat Khan Lodhi in 1497 AD, despite persuasion by Bebe Nanaki, Jai Ram Ji and Nawab Daulat Khan. Thus the foundation of new spiritual gospel i.e SIKHISM was laid.

He had His first journey of spreading the message of Almighty God to the humanity towards East from 1497 AD to 1510 AD. He took along with him Bhai Mardana(a Muslim) and Bhai Baala(a Jat) and went to poor Bhai Lalo in Eminabad( now in Pakistan). Then He went to kurukshetra and Haridwar to give Pandits the message of truth and further to Gorakh Matta to have interaction with Sidhas and gave them message of truth. Then He went to Patna, and further to Assam for stopping Noor Shah, known as queen of miracles, from performing miracles and gave her message of truth. Then He went to Jagan Nath Puri temple and enlightened the Priests that the whole nature I.e. the sky is the plate and Sun and Moon are lamps and all  stars are jewels and are doing ‘Aarti’ of The Almighty God by orating The  ‘BAANI’ of ‘AARTI’ and then came back to Punjab and established KARTARPUR(now in Pakistan).

In His second journey from 1510 AD to 1516 AD, He went out of Punjab to south and took along with him Bhai Saido and Sheehan Ji. First he went to Agra and then met ‘Ruhelas’ and gave them message of Truth and stopped them from doing business of selling and buying of human beings. Then He met Kauda Raakhash, who was used to eating human beings, and gave him message of truth and he stopped eating humans. Further He went to Ceylon (Now Sri Lanka) and gave message of truth to Raja Shiv Nabh. Then he went to Kajliban and enlightened Siddha Yogis and returned to KARTARPUR.

In His third voyage, from 1516 AD to 1522 AD, He took along with Him Bhai  Hasu(a Fitter) and Bhai Sheehan with Him. During this journey, He went to North traversing sub mountainous tracts for meeting Siddha yogis living in caves of mountains in Tibet and explained them that their way of living was irrelevant for the welfare of the humanity. His conversation with Sidhs is recorded in SGGS as ‘SIDH GOSHT’. On questioning by Siddha Guru Nanak replied that ‘ SHABAD GURU SURAT DHUN CHELA ’ I.e. SHABAD I.e. The word of ‘Baani’ is My Guru and upon whom I focus my consciousness/mind/heart and I am disciple of SHABAD. He further went to Nepal, China and Japan for spreading His message of truth. Then He came back through Bangladesh, Burma, Sikkim, Bhutan , Srinagar, Jammu and Sialkot etc and returned to KARTARPUR(now in Pakistan).

During His fourth itinerary from 1518 AD to 1522 AD, He went to the west  in Muslim countries accompanied by Mardana, traveling through Multan to Mecca,  where He enlightened the Qazis and Maulanas that God does not live in Mecca alone but is Omnipresent. On questioning by Qazis that which of two religions I.e. Hinduism or ISLAM is better, Guru Nanak replied that without good deeds both will repent and relent in the court of God. Then He went to Baghdad and met Pir Shah Behlol and gave him the knowledge of the vast universe and to clear his doubts showed his son many earths and other planets. From here He went to Greece, France and travelling through Tashkent( Russia), Iran, and returned via Afghanistan to Eminabad at the house of Bhai Lalo. Here He orated in His ‘BAANI’ that a lot of excesses are being committed by Indian rulers and that Babar will raid them to punish them.

When Babar invaded for the third time in 1521 AD and Guru Nanak Dev Ji was an eyewitness to the sack of Saidpur/Eminabad in Punjab (Now In Pakistan) and massacre of inhabitants, plundering of their property, children and women being taken into captivity. On this occasion Guru Nanak Dev Ji recorded the social and political situation prevalent at that time in his prophecies which He called “hymns of blood” and made it explicitly clear that He is revealing direct message of God. Guru Says that:

Jaisee mai ȧavai kɦasam kee baañee ṭaisaṙaa karee giȧanu ve laalo ||
I.e. As the Word of the Forgiving Lord comes to me, so do I express it, O Lalo.

Paap ki jaṇñ° lai kaabalahu ḍɦaaïȧ joree maṇgai ḍaanu ve Lalo ||-SGGS–722.            I.e.Bringing the marriage party of sin, Babar has invaded from Kabul, demanding our land as his wedding gift, O Lalo.

After Babar invaded, Guru Nanak went to jail along with other people, for speaking against injustice and arousing people’s sentiments, where they were asked to run grinders and grind flour but when Guru Nanak started singing ‘Gurbani’, all grinders started running by their own self. On seeing this, Babar got frightened and fell on the feet of Guru Nanak and sought His blessings to rule India. Guru Nanak blessed him to rule till he gives justice to the people. From here He went to meet and enlighten Wali Kandhari, where Gurudwara Panja Sahib is established and then He came back to KARTARPUR.

His 25 years of extensive touring, travelling 25000 miles was a major step for the organization of the new faith. He had triple object of acquaintance with all centres and organisations of prevalent religious systems, convey His message to these centres and point out futile and harmful nature of their methods and practices. Thirdly He set up local centres for His mission at Haridwar, Kurukshetra, Banaras, Kashi, Gaya, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Baghdad, Mecca etc. After returning to Kartarpur (now in Pakistan), He took up farming without disturbing His discourses. During the later 18 years of His mission, He carried out His Discourses in the morning and evening and worked as peasant during the day, thus setting the example of ‘ KIRAT KARNI ’. In His teachings, householder’s life and the moral life became primary forum of religious activity for spiritual progress. Another important aspect of moral life emphasized was, sharing of one’s earnings. At Kartarpur, He created the institution of “Free Kitchen” i.e ‘LANGAR’ for the needy and it was managed by His wife Mata Sulakhni, doing kitchen ‘sewa’ herself. The institution of ‘Langar’ had a twin purpose. As everyone sat and ate at the same place in ‘PANGAT’ and shared the food, it cut at the root of evil of caste and religious distinctions and also abolish the idea of pollution of food by mere presence of so-called untouchables.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji  thus woke up the people from their slumber of ignorance and corruption. He freed them from the bondage of so many gods and goddesses and led them to accept a supreme being as the creator and sustainer of all. He taught that there were no incarnations, no special revelations. Man was the highest manifestation of The God, who spoke through heart of man than scriptures. Along with the uplift of man, He gave equal status to woman.

Guru Nanak’s faith is simple and sublime. It is the life lived. His religion is not a system of philosophy like Hinduism. It is a discipline, a way of life, a force which connects the humanity with each other, as well as The Guru. He gave the path of moral life and righteous deeds, which became the fundamental means of spiritual progress, since these alone were approved by The God. All this gave the new faith, a new life and new expectations to the depressed, dejected and low caste people of India. Guru Nanak Dev Ji expressed all His teachings in Punjabi, the spoken language of Northern India, thereby indicating His desire not to address the elite alone but the masses as well, as Sanskrit and Persian were the languages of the Hindus and the Muslim rulers respectively.

GURU NANAK’s message is based on righteous laws of nature. It believes that deeds are more important than creed. Guru says that:-


i.e. Truth is higher than everything; but higher still is truthful living.

“HAUMAI” i.e. ego, desires and worries stand in the way of human being and he gets the disease of egotism and this egoistic illusion is the source of all evils, sufferings and miseries of humanity, such as: pride, anger, lust for sex, selfishness, corruption, confrontation, quarrels, wars, torture etc. Thus acting stubbornly he is reincarnated again and again. The causes of ego are; forgetting God, materialistic illusion, bad company and environment etc. These cannot be destroyed but can be substituted with the consciousness of the divine light i.e. God, by remembering Him and singing His praises through ‘NAAM SIMRAN’, which is inlaid in every soul. Guru says that;

Hahṇūmai vadaa rog hai mari jaṃmai ȧavai jaaï ||

I.e. Egotism is such a terrible disease; he dies, to be reincarnated – he continues coming and going.

Saṭigur kee sev na keeṭeeȧ sabaḍi na lago bɦaaū ||
i.e. One who does not serve the True Guru, and who does not love the Word of the Shabad,

Haūmai rogu kamaavañaa ȧṭi ḍeeragɦu bahu suȧaū ||

I.e. Earns the very painful disease of egotism; he is so very selfish.


i.e. through the ‘Shabad’, conquer your ego, in the True Mansion of the Lord’s presence,

you shall find peace.

PAARBRAHM POORAN PERMESAR RAV RAHIA SABHNEE JAAEE||–SGGS—62                 i.e. The Supreme Lord God, the Perfect Transcendent Lord, is pervading everywhere.

Guru says that the evils cannot be destroyed but can be substituted with the consciousness of the  Divine light i.e. The Almighty God, by remembering Him and singing His praises, Who is inlaid in every heart, and  thus  becoming good human beings and living a peaceful, harmonious life and  by following the Five fundamental principle.

  1. KIRAT KARNI: i.e. Earning Honest Living:

Guru Nanak preached to earn our livelihood by sincere hard work by the sweat of our brow and honest means and not to become a parasite on the society. Guru further says that dishonest means of earning are prohibited to a Sikh, as pork to Muslim and beef to a Hindu, as such earnings pollute the mind in the same way as blood stains the clothes. He says only honest earnings are like “milk” and hence “sweet” and “tasty” and condemns dishonest earning. Unlike other religions of the world, Guru’s spiritualism deals with the  complete life comprising body and soul i.e. Miri (house holder’s life) and Piri (spiritualism) for balance development of a human being. Guru says that:-

Guru peeru haama ṭaa bɦare ja muraḍaaru na kɦaaï ||

I.e. Our Guru, our Spiritual Guide, stands by us, if we do not eat those carcasses.

  1. “NAAM JAPNA” i.e. Remembering God:

Guru says that one comes to the world i. e. one is born, when God infuses His light into him. As such He advises every individual to remember God daily i.e. both in the morning and in the evening and to be continuously with God while doing all his daily acts/deeds, to reflect on His virtues such as love, benevolence and kindness to inculcate such virtues into his character. This can be done by reciting, listening and understanding ‘Gurbaani’ with love, individually or in the congregation (Saadh Sangat), and doing ‘NAAM SIMRAN’ i.e. applauding the Lord-God for His manifestation with the name “WAHEGURU”, or any other way by the people of other faiths. Guru says that ‘NAAM’ is God and by remembering Him and chanting His ‘NAAM’, one is enlightened like the light of millions of suns and the darkness of doubt is dispelled. Consequently it removes all sufferings and gives peace and tranquility and hence one lives in heaven and is thus saved of the hell in his life. Guru says that:

E sarira mereya Har tum meh jot rakhi taa tu jag meh aia||– SGGS—9

i.e. O my body, The God infused His light into you, and only then you came into the world

Gaviai suneeai man rakhiai bhao ||Dukh parhar sukh ghar lee jae||—SGGS—-2

i.e. sing, and listen Gurbani for applauding Him, and let the mind be filled with love. It will remove sufferings and peace.

  1. ‘WAND SHAKNA’: i.e. share you earnings with the less fortunate and for the welfare of society.

Guru Nanak’s message says that it is the sacred duty of a Sikh to share his earnings with the society for welfare of mankind such as running “Langar” (free kitchen) for the poor, helping the needy and giving education to the less fortunate. Guru says one who earns honestly and shares his earnings with others becomes kind-hearted and liberal and this brings invaluable blessings to him. Guru says that:

Nanak ȧgai so milai ji kɦate gɦaale ḍeï ||1||

i.e. O Nanak, in the world hereafter, that alone is received, which one gives to the needy from his own earnings and labor. ||1||

Gɦaali kɦaaï kicɦɦu haṭɦahu ḍeï ||
i.e. One who works for what he eats, and gives some of what he has,

Nanak raahu pacɦɦaañahi seï ||1||
I.e.- O Nanak, he knows the true way of life.


    Guru Nanak Dev Ji has laid stress on serving the society by whatever means an individual can do i.e. by doing physical work, contributing money for social welfare, helping the have not’s in the society, sharing/preaching Guru’s message and doing service for the welfare of the society i.e. social and political. Guru says that service to humanity pleases God as it is His manifestation and He loves such individual and showers His blessings on him. Guru says that:-

Nanak Hukamee likheeai Lekh ||
Jeha vekheh Teha Vekh ||——–SGGS——466

i.e. O, Nanak, by the Lord’s Command the destiny is recorded. As the Lord sees our deeds which we do while living in this world, so we are seen by the Lord.

Thus the aim of Guru Nanak is the transformation of the human being and society. In order to achieve this goal each and every activity of the individual has to be God oriented and doing ‘SEWA’ (service to the society) for the welfare of the humanity, irrespective of caste, color creed, religion, sex or country and for all living creatures of the universe.


    Guru Nanak Dev Ji preached the spreading of truth, righteousness and fighting injustice, repression, corruption, and the evil of hatred for the low castes in the society and spread love for the humanity at large. Implementing these principles is the execution of the Divine will.

Guru condemned the rulers and administrators ruling the people at that time in the strongest words in ‘Gurbani’. Guru says that;

Raaje seeh mukaḍam kuṭe ||
The kings are tigers, and their officials are dogs;

Jaaï jagaaïna´i baitɦe suṭe ||
They go out and awaken the sleeping people to harass them.

Cɦaakar nahaḍaa paaïna´i gɦaaū ||
The public servants inflict wounds with their nails.

Raṭu piṭu kuṭiho cɦati jaahu ||

I.e.The dogs lick up the blood that is spilled.

Guru raised His voice against such people to protect human rights of the weak. He compared unjust and cruel kings with blood sucking beasts and the corrupt and greedy officials of the rulers as dogs, licking their blood and eating flesh of the people.

Labhu paap ḍuï raajaa mahaṭaa kooṙu hoȧ sikaḍaaru ||
I.e. Greed and sin are the king and prime minister; falsehood is the treasurer.

Kaamu nebu saḍi pucɦɦeeȧi bahi bahi kare beecɦaaru ||-SGGS–468.

I.e. Sexual desire, the chief advisor, is summoned and consulted; they all sit together and contemplate their plans.

Thus Guru says that in this world the tongue of the man acts a king, sins as the minister, lie as the official and the sexual desire is their advisor. The people have become blind because of lack of knowledge and are facing ire of these functionaries.

Guru Nanak gave a divine message of leading a peaceful but dignified life and fight injustice. He even rebuked the masters of the herd, ‘The Kshatriyas'(Hindu warriors), for not putting up a stiff fight for India. Guru says that:-

Je jeevai paṭi laṭɦee jaaï ||
I.e. Those who merely live shall depart in dishonor;

Sabɦu haraamu jeṭaa kicɦɦu kɦaaï ||
–SGGS—-142.       I.e. Everything they eat is impure.

Even the religious people had become lifeless and were only after money. Guru has explained the condition of these people in ‘Gurbani’ as under:-

Kaaḍee kooṙu boli malu kɦaaï ||
I.e.The Qazi tells lies and eats filth;

Braahamañu naavai jeeȧ gɦaaï ||

I.e. The Brahmin kills the beings and then takes cleansing baths.

He thus roused the national sentiment of the people and strengthened the ideals and thought of the community in His congregational singings, and made them conscious of the new powers of thought in themselves with illumination of intellect and sincerity.

Guru Nanak has very emphatically described the attributes of God in the beginning of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and is called “MOOL MANTAR”, where He says that there is but one God, His name is true everlasting, He is the creator, fearless and without enmity, the timeless form, does not die and take birth and is self existing. He is attained with His grace.

Guru Nanak rejects the theory of incarnation of GOD and very authentically confirms that The God does not take birth and die. He can be realized through “NAAM JAPNA” i.e. remembering God all the time while doing your day to day work with His grace and that a normal family life is no barrier to attainment of salvation during this life.

Guru says that He is only delivering message of Truth, which The God gave Him for deliverance to mankind. Sikh Gurus never represented to be Prophets, Avatars, Sons of God as proclaimed by Prophets of the  other religions of the world and rather advocated that all Prophets are men like you and me. Any suggestion of having a living Guru is precluded by Guru Nanak Dev Ji very explicitly in ‘Siddha Goshti’ on a question by the  ‘Sidhs that:-


i.e. who is your Guru and whose disciple are you.

Guru thus replied that:


i.e. The Shabad is the Guru, upon whom I focus my consciousness and               I am His disciple.

Guru further clarifies that;


i.e. my True Guru is forever and ever  and does not take birth or dies.


i.e. The Divine True Guru is the Embodiment, the Image of the Lord; He utters the Ambrosial Word.


i.e. The One God is our father. We are the children of One God, You are also my Guru-brother.

Thus anyone who takes birth and dies cannot be God. Sikhism prohibits worshipping any stone “Gods” (idol-worshipping) as He says that a stone God cannot lead a human being anywhere, which itself drowns in water and cannot itself swim. Guru further says that it will be mere wasting of time indulging in IDOL Worshiping symbolizing God and all our efforts in this direction will be fruitless. He therefore stresses worshiping one and only one GOD, Who is father of all the humanity, through “NAAM JAPNA”i.e. remembering God through “SHABAD” in Gurbani in and doing ‘NAAM SIMRAN’ with ‘GURMANTAR’, I.e. “WAHEGURU”, i.e. the wonderful God, or any other name i.e. Ram, Rahim, Allah, Gobind, Jehovah, God etc. He says that you become like the one you worship / remember the wonderful God, you become like Him and attain His qualities and He fulfills your desires when you receive His grace, which He feels are good for you and you deserve by your deeds. Guru says that:

Jo paaṭɦar kaū kahaṭe ḍev ||
I.e. Those who call a stone their god

Ṭaa kee biraṭɦaa hovai sev ||

I.e. Their service is useless.

E man jaesa sevih taesa hovai tehe karam kamaei||—SGGS—-755

  1. e. O mind, as you serve, so do you become, and so are the deeds that you do.

Ȧṇḍɦe guṇge ȧṇḍɦ ȧṇḍɦaaru ||
I.e. They are blind and mute, the blindest of the blind.

Paaṭɦaru le poojahi mugaḍɦ gavaar ||
I.e. The ignorant fools pick up stones and worship them.

Õhi jaa ȧapi dube ṭum kahaa ṭarañahaaru ||2||

I.e. But when those stones themselves sink, who will carry you across? ||2

Guru Nanak gave equal status to women, who were regarded as inferior to men before Him. Guru Nanak says in ‘Gurbani ‘ that why call a woman inferior/bad, who gives birth to kings, to whom a man marries, loves and his generation moves, when she dies he finds another woman and through her, relations are developed. He says humanity cannot take birth without her, except God, who alone is beyond the system of production of humanity through a woman. He thus gave equal status to women in the society about 500 years ago, even though most of the religions of the world have not been able to give status to women equal to that of men up till now. Guru says that:

Bɦaṇdi jaṃmeeȧi bɦaṇdi niaṃmeeȧi bɦaṇdi maṇgañu veeȧahu ||


I.e. From woman, man is born; within woman, man is conceived; to woman he is engaged and married.

bɦaṇdhu hovai ḍosaṭee bɦaṇdhu cɦalai raahu ||  i.e. Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come.

Bɦaṇdu muȧ bɦaṇdu bɦaaleeȧi bɦaṇdi hovai baṇḍɦaanu ||
I.e. When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound.

So kiū maṇḍaa ȧakɦeeȧi jiṭu jaṃmahi raajaan ||
i.e. So why call her bad? From her, kings are born

Bɦaṇdhu hee bɦaṇdu öopajai bɦaṇdi baajɦu na koï ||

I.e. From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all

Nanak bɦaṇdi baaharaa æko sacɦaa soï ||

i.e. O Nanak, only the True Lord is beyond taking birth from a woman.

Thus Guru Nanak laid the foundation of SIKHISM for spreading the message of truth, righteousness, fighting injustice and repression, uprooting corruption and eradicating the evil of hatred for the low castes in the society and spread the message of love for the humanity at large. He gave a pious and disciplined way of life prohibiting, incarnations, omens, magic spells, horoscopic dispositions, idol worshiping, intoxicants, undesirable rituals such as fasts, yug, Havan, shraadh, googa Pooja, Holi, pind, patal etc.The revolution started by Guru Nanak reached its climax and culminated into the creation of ‘The KHALSA’ by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in 1699 AD.

Before Guru Nanak dev Ji left His body, He transmitted His spiritual light to Guru Nanak II i.e Guru Angad Dev Ji and after appointing him as His successor, handed over to him the “pothi” containing His own ‘baani’ and that of some other saints. He took his ‘parikrama’ and bowed His head at the feet of Guru Angad Dev Ji, thus setting a new example of relationship between The GURU and His disciple in the world. Similarly the transmission of spiritual light went on to succeeding Gurus and ultimately to tenth Guru I.e. Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It is only Guru Nanak in the whole world whose last rites were performed by the people of the prevailing two religions in India I.e. Hindus and Muslims, according to their respective faiths, as Guru Nanak Dev Ji was The Guru of the Human race.

Guru Nanak’s message is for the whole Mankind, irrespective of cast, creed, color, rich, poor, country, world etc. as He is The GURU OF THE HUMAN RACE. Following the teachings of GURU NANAK DEV JI in the true spirit will be executing THE DIVINE WILL OF GOD and attaining HIS blessings and will bring peace and harmony to the individual and the Humanity at large. The well-wishers of HUMANITY, intelligentsia, God’s  followers should study, understand, follow and preach the Teachings of SRI GURU NANAK  DEV JI to make THE WORLD A HEAVEN in The Universe.