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PM Narendra ModiN.S PHERUMAN:

MODI Govt is following an Anti-Farmer and Anti-Labour policy, farmers and workers, who constitute about 70 percent of the population of India and are bread and bowl and foundation of our country. They are being ignored, harassed, squeezed and weakened by economic repression of the govt to be finally axed with the most anti-farmer amendments to UPA Govt.

Land Acquisition Bill 2013 to the detriment of the farming community and reward the corporate sector for funding BJP in last lok Sabha elections. BJP Govt has shown callous unconcern to the problems of farmers even though farmers are committing suicides daily, because of being ruined financially due to drought, excessive rains, floods and hailstorms etc.

Thus BJP Govt is bent upon ruining the Farmers and the agriculture sector. But PM Narendra Modi is diverting the people’s attention towards so called Development Agenda of the Govt for bringing ‘ACHHE DIN’, which is nowhere to be seen for almost one year of his rule, except the development of the corporate sector at the expense of the Farmers with the intention of grabbing their land with the weapon of new Land Acquisition Bill on the pattern of his Gujarat model of Land acquisition.

Basically farming has become an unviable profession. That is why around 3 lac farmers have committed suicide since 1995 and about 3000 committed suicide during last year as per National crime records bureau (NCRB) and are daily committing suicides. There is drastic fall in GDP of Rural sector to 35 % (for 70 % population), whereas it is about 65 % for urban population / the corporate sector (for 30 % population) and Agriculture GDP has decreased to 13.9% in 201314.

This is because of reduction in investment in rural sector, which will further drop as BJP Govt has reduced spending on rural employment guarantee scheme by 40 %. MSP for food grains has been enhanced by 5 % only in last one year by BJP Govt as compared to12.5 % to 20 % by UPA Govt. BJP Govt is least bothered about the serious plight of farmers, particularly the small and marginal farmers, which is evident from the facts narrated below:

  1. As promised to farmers before Lok Sabha elections, BJP Govt has failed to implement recommendations of Swaminathan commission report on Minimum Support Price ( MSP) for produce of farmers, which was constituted by UPA Govt and has recommended 50 percent profit to farmers on their produce.
  2. BJP Govt has failed to come to the rescue of farmers and give them adequate compensation for recent loss on account of extensive damage to crops due to excessive rains / hail storms and floods, fall in price of Basmati Rice by about 40 percent than last year, drastic fall in prices of potatoes etc.
  3. BJP Govt had failed in ensuring purchase of Paddy of farmers during last Paddy season at MSP and now farmers are being forced to sell their wheat at a distressingly lower price than MSP and Wheat is rotting in Mandis as farmers have to sleep for a week to ten days under the sky in the Mandis to sell their Wheat.
  4. The prices food grains have been raised very marginally I.e. around 5 % only during one year of BJP Govt as compared to average of 12.5 % yearly raise for wheat and paddy and 20 % for pulses during 10 years of UPA Govt rule, whereas price of agricultural inputs during this period has increased many fold, which is totally undesirable and detrimental to the growth of agriculture and survival of the farmer.
  5. BJP Govt failed to provide fertilizers to the farmers in time during last Paddy season and this Wheat sowing season. The untimely rains, floods and hail storms in the country have played havoc, which has resulted in fall in their wheat output varying from 25 % to 75 %. But despite such alarming situation and hue and cry by the farmers, BJP Govt remains a silent spectator and has failed to come to rescue of farmers and give bonus and required compensation.
  6. Crude oil has fallen from 125 D / barrel to 50 D/ barrel ( 60 % fall ), but rate of petrol has only been reduced from Rs 76 / l to Rs 65 / l (13 % only ) and diesel prices have been lowered from Rs 60 / l to Rs 52 / l (14 % only). The rest of the margin/profit has been pocketed by the Govt and the Corporate sector.
  7. Around 50000 farmers from Punjab had been divested of their land by Narendra Modi Govt in Gujarat during his tenure as CM and they won the case in High court but Gujrat Govt moved Supreme Court against decision of the High court. During Lok Sabha Elections Narendra Modi declared in an election rally at Moga in Punjab that writ petition in the Supreme Court will be withdrawn, but nothing has been done so far although a period of one year has passed. This will result in ruining 50000 farmer families.
  8. BJP Govt is planning to divert Punjab’s River waters to other states by interconnecting rivers, instead of making arrangement for utilizing the same in Punjab against all international riparian laws on river waters, when the groundwater level of Punjab is receding fast and farmers have to make large investments for deep boring and higher size electric motors. Moreover groundwater in punjab, particularly Malwa area, is polluted to the extent that people are dying due to cancer and other waterborne diseases from ground water. Thus spare water of punjab rivers should only be diverted to other states after meeting with Punjab’s demand.
  9. The agriculture minister of BJP Govt in Haryana, Mr. O. P. Dhankar’s action of calling distressed farmers who commit suicides as ‘cowards and criminals’ is ridiculous. The height of it is that while distributing cheques to the farmers for a meagre compensation being made to them, he says that he feels like dancing. This shows the attitude of BJP MLAs towards the farmers and height of bankruptcy of humanitarian values in them.
  10. MODI Govt is not only antifarmer and anti-labour, it is also ‘anti-middle class’, which is evident from the amendments being made to the UPA Govt Real estate Regulation bill 2013, to favour builders over buyers, although buyers have made advance payments to builders. The new bill allows builders to deposit only 50 per cent of the money collected from prospective buyers in an escrow account as against 70 per cent in the UPA Govt bill, which means builders can misuse buyer’s money. The earlier bill prevented builders from altering a sanctioned plan once it had been approved, but the new bill would allow them to make alterations. Still more worrying clause is, allowing members of the real estate regulatory authority to take employment with builders after demitting office,thus breeding corruption. Thus Modi Govt is The ‘Govt of The RICH, for the RICH’.
  11. BJP Govt’s silence on repatriation of black money from foreign countries, which they themselves and Baba Ramdev had been claiming very loudly to be in Lakhs of crores of rupees before the last Lok Sabha elections, is an unpardonable betrayal. Not only this, there is unaccountable money in various temples and other ‘Deras’ of the so called baba’s to the tune of Ten Lakh crores in the form of cash, gold and silver etc., which needs to be unearthed and put in circulation for welfare of the poor, the farmers and thus rejuvenating the indian economy. Thus both BJP Govt’s and Baba Ramdev’s silence on the issue is fraudulent.

The independence of any country is maintained by the ‘GRAIN’ produced by the ‘KISAN’ and the ‘GUN’ of the ‘JAWAN’. At the time of 1971 IndoPakistan war, the then PM Lal Bahadur Shastri had given the slogan “JAI JAWAN , JAI KISAN” and appealed to the people to miss a meal a day, as there was scarcity of food grains in the country. It is the farmer who made the country selfsufficient with the brow of his sweat, when the country was in dire need of grains, but we thanklessly seem to have forgotten him. There is no dearth of money as mentioned in para 11 above, If the Modi Govt is sincere in solving the problems of the poor and the farmers.The following corrective measures need to be taken on priority basis to solve farmers problems.

  1. The selling price for the produce of the farmers should be fixed as per Recommendations of Swaminathan commission report, although Govt may sell the grains at reduced prices to control inflation, as done in North America.
  2. Subsidies be given on agricultural equipment and machinery up to 75 %, as in Western countries, as farmers cannot afford such costly equipment and machinery.
  3. Soft term loans be given to farmers at affordable interest rates varying from 67 % with half

yearly repayment instalments coinciding with the maturity / sale of their crops.

  1. Arrangement for fare marketing of the produce of farmers such as fruits and vegetables be made by opening ‘APNI MANDIS’ to save the farmers from looting / blackmailing by middlemen, who make large profits by purchasing their produce on one hand and selling the same there and then on the other hand or at the most in a day or two. But the farmer who works for three months to a year to produce these vegetables / fruits are not paid even the cost price of their produce.
  2. Food Processing industries be set up in the rural areas where such fruits and vegetables are grown, thereby killing two birds with one stone I.e. Creating Marketing opportunities and jobs in rural areas.
  3. Arrangements be made to provide good quality inputs to farmers such as insecticides, pesticides, seeds and fertilizers at reasonable rates.
  4. Crop insurance scheme be implemented at the national level to save the farmers from loss due to natural calamities such as drought, excessive rains, hail storms, wind storms, floods and any other unforeseen calamities such as diseases, at affordable premiums as in North America. Preferably the premiums be paid by the Govt as the farmer is producing grains for the country and acts as a food bowl of the country.
  5. The growth rates of productivity in agriculture sector are far below than the global standards,

due to declining fertilizer use efficiency, gradual decline in the soil fertility and low quality seeds, fertilizers and insecticides/ pesticides. This can only be improved by R&D in agriculture and regular testing of soil of land of farmers.