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NRIs in US hail Modi’s elevation as PM

modiWashington: The Indian-American community today greeted the elevation of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister with a series of celebrations across America and hoped that it would usher in a new era in India’s development.

Celebrations took place in Silicon Valley, New York, New Jersey, Houston, Los Angeles and Tampa, during which supporters of Modi exuded confidence that India under his leadership would achieve a new height in development and would address issues of Indian-Americans. During these meetings, people carried signs with slogans ‘Rise Of India With NaMo’, ‘MODIfied India’, ‘Congrats BJP’ and ‘MODI and Idea of India’ in support of the new Indian Prime Minister, who took the oath of office this evening.

At all these victory celebrations, organisers distributed sweets along with chai (tea) and snacks. “I have witnessed the development and forward thinking ideas like daily garbage collection by truck. If Modi can accomplish even 1/10 of what he has promised, he would have achieved more than what Congress has in 60 years,” said Gaurang Desai, from the Friends of India Society International (FISI).

“We technological professionals are very happy that a development-oriented leader like Modi got such a decisive mandate. He eradicated corrupt, dynastic, caste and appeasement-driven politics that was ruining India,” said Khanderao Kand, founder-president, Global Indian Technology Professionals of India. Suresh Patel, a founding member of the Gujarat Samaj, said this is a tremendous victory for the development of India. “Such a Mandate can only mean that people of India raised themselves against caste, religion and regionalism and voted for development,” he said.

Chandrakant Patel, president of the Overseas Friends of BJP, who spent several weeks in India campaigning for BJP candidates, said: “May 26 would usher in a new era in India’s history.” Chandru Bhambhra, the former OFBJP president, said Modi’s vision and his power to execute ideas are amazing.

“He has developed Gujarat in past 12 years and taken it to enviable heights and people have Confidence & Faith in him that he will now develop India with the same zeal and take it to a very respectable level,” he said.