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Punjab faces ecological disaster: EcoSikh

Pb-waterPope Francis has issued a major statement called the Encylical, which was directed to the 1.2 billion Catholics around the world, and will most certainly have a significant social and political impact. The United Nations is convening a summit in December in which 180 heads of state are meeting in Paris to pass a binding agreement for the entire world on carbon emissions and climate change.

EcoSikh is involved in discussions at the White House, United Nations and the World Bank and is bringing the Sikh perspective at these important deliberations. Gurbani’s message of “Pavan Guru, Pani Pita” is being shared by our representatives at all levels of public discourse globally on this major threat to humanity.

Punjab, the homeland of Sikhs is undergoing an ecological disaster due to heavy agriculture supported by heavy use of chemicals and pesticides and overuse of ground water, major issues that lead to climate change. Thousands of acres of crops are burned to make room for next season’s crops, adding to a health crisis.

EcoSikh is trying to create awareness and is engaging Jathedars, Granthis, Religious leaders, Businesses, Teachers, Parcharaks, the SGPC, Schools, and Colleges to do something. Read below: the challenges that our land of the Gurus is facing.

Chemical and heavy pesticide causing severe health problems and cancer -Children as young as of ten years are suffering from joint pain, arthritis and graying of hairs. In Khara village a 12-year-old boy dies of cancer. An unmarried girl as young as 25 tested positive for breast cancer in Adesh Cancer Hospital, Muktsar. Unfortunately, childhood cancer is a rising trend in Punjab. Earlier it was assumed that cancer is spread in the villages of Bathinda district. Within two years, Muktsar district, particularly the Giddarbaha area, seemed to be more prone to cancer, then Faridkot and Mansa districts were added to the list. Then Sangrur, Moga, Ferozepur, and more recently even Patiala and Amritsar districts are included in this devastating list.

Land is sick -Studies by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural research (CGIAR) have established that Punjab is faced with an environmental crisis that will hurt the second generation. The cultivable land is sick, the environment has been heavily contaminated by the use and abuse of chemical pesticides and the underground water table is plummeting at a disastrous pace.