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Punjabi film ’47 to 84’ crew visits Golden Temple

movieAmritsar: The presenter of Shemaroo Films Punjabi production ‘47 To 84’ Babli Singh is also one of the writers of the film. He wanted to bring this story from words to the big screen as he himself is a victim of those serious circumstances of 1984. Scheduled to be released on 30th May, this film is being promoted in different cities these days. Babli reached Amritsar on Sunday with director Rajeev Sharma and lead actors Natasha Rana and Zafar Dhillon. A bike rally was flagged off from Delhi on Saturday morning for the film’s promotion which halted overnight at Amritsar. On Sunday, the rally resumed with darshan at Harmandir Sahib where the production team was also present.

Babli Singh has been associated with Shemaroo from last 30 years and has been working on a number of religious music albums. The company itself motivated Babli for this film. Babli told, ‘I have not only seen the 1984 era but also suffered. My video cassette library in South Delhi was disrupted and our cloth shop was burnt to ashes during riots. I somehow escaped the scene and my life was saved. This issue was in my head from last 30 years and now I have given it a film’s shape. As far as the partition of 1947 is concerned, I heard a lot of stories about that from my grandfather.’

The director of the film Rajeev Sharma has been known for his last film ‘Nabar’ which bagged a national award too. Rajeev told that when he heard the story from Babli, he felt that right information about this issue should reach the audience. He researched on this and left a big budget Hindi film to sign ‘47 To 84’. Rajeev told, ‘I was thinking what will we say to the audience in the climax. But as the film progressed things got clearer and we found our message. And I am happy with what we said. You all please watch the film and motivate others too.’

TV actress Natasha Rana is doing a feature film for the first time ever. Being a Punjabi, she feels connected and related to this issue and she feels that a strong image of a woman has been shown in her character of Sukhmani. She told that she took a lot of help from others on the sets to speak Punjabi. Zafar Dhillon, who is playing Sukhmani’s son in the film, is happy to work in such a film on a serious issue. He believes that such serious films should be regularly produced apart from routine comedy flicks, so that the audience get to watch the real cinema.