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Sacred Sikh Scripture, Guru Granth Sahib’s message for humanity

Sri-Guru-Granth-SahibNS PHERUMAN:

 Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji gave the gift of the compilation of gurbani of four gurus , to which He added His own baani and that of 15 saints,11 bhats and 4 gursikhs of different religions and castes and accomplished the task and installed the complied book called “POTHI”(later called SGGS) in Sri Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar on 1st September 1604 AD and appointed Baba Budha ji as first Granthi or custodian. His aim was that ‘Baani’ to be added should be as per Sikh principles laid by Guru Nanak and other Gurus, which should spread message of tolerance, love, peaceful existence, diversity, equality and should give contentment and peace to the humanity.

He gave it the status of “POTHI PARMESAR KAA THAAN” i.e. the ‘Gurbaani’ in the SGGS communicates one with the God. Guru Says that:

Pothhee paramaesar kaa thhaan ||
i.e. This Holy Book is the home of the Transcendent Lord God.

Saadhhasa(n)g gaavehi gun gobi(n)dh pooran breham giaan ||1|| rehaao ||—–SGGS—1226

i.e. Whoever sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, has the perfect knowledge of God. ||1||Pause||

Thus the Gurus have given the priceless gift of ‘Gurbaani’ to the Sikhs and the humanity at large and They have emphatically said in SGGS that it is a communication from the God. When Guru Angad Dev Jee brought the Pothi i.e. Shri Guru Granth Sahib from Gurudwara Ramsar, He brought it in a very respectable way in a procession and the Shri Guru Granth Sahib was carried by Baba Budha jee on his head and Guru Arjan Dev jee was doing “Chaur” over it Himself throughout the journey. At night, He asked the Sikhs to keep Shri Guru Granth Sahib in His room on His bed and He himself slept on the floor under that bed. Sri Guru Granth Sahib teaches universal brotherhood, love, peaceful existence and diversity, resolving problems through dialogue and thus helps bring peace and equitable development of the world by sharing world’s resources in a planned and equitable manner for the benefit of the humanity at large. On the spiritual front Sikhism holds more importance as the western spirituality believes that faith will lead to knowledge but Sikhism believes knowledge will lead to faith.‘Gurbaani’ says that where will a faith will lead if the faith itself is blind, as a blind person cannot lead his disciple anywhere. Guru says that:

Guroo sadhaaeae agiaanee a(n)dhhaa kis ouhu maarag paaeae ||3|| ——-SGGS —— 491

Guroo jinaa kaa a(n)dhhulaa chaelae naahee t(h)aao ||——-SGGS——-58

Therefore the spiritual science of Sikhism and material science of the west need to be combined together for teaching the students so that they adopt philosophy of SIKHISM in practice and become assets of the humanity/world. Gurbani says that human beings are losing their life without practicing “NAAM” i.e. remembering God. Guru says that:

Bin sabadhai sabh jag bouraanaa birathhaa janam gavaaeiaa || ——-SGGS —— 644

The modern physicists and scientists now agree that the mind and personality are the central point of the universe and not any physical matter or force. Physical matter is only an expression of the mind. Mr. Kirtler F. Mather, a modern physicist has said that:-

“The nearest approach we have made thus far to the ultimate in our analysis of matter and energy indicates that universal reality is mind. Matter simply becomes the expression of mind. This represents my belief about God. It leads naturally to a statement about personality. For me God is everything in the universe which tends to produce a fine personality in a human being.”

Sikhism teaches meditation on the divine Name and doing righteous deeds and performing selfless actions in our daily lives. Guru says that:-

Sarab dhharam mehi sraesatt dhharam ||

Har ko naam jap niramal karam || ——SGGS——– 266

Sri Guru Granth Sahib preaches humanity, irrespective of any faith, by bringing on the same platform of spirituality all those who meditated on the divine God without any caste, creed, color, race, etc. It condemns corruption, exploitation, discrimination, religious hypocrisy, and social degeneration in the strongest words and advocates fighting injustice and repression, both for individual growth and social transformation. It believes in bringing equality, peace in the world because it believes that God lives in all human beings and all humanity is one, whose creator is One God. Guru says that;

Ek Noor Te Sabh Jag Upjia Kaun Bhale Ko Mande ||—SGGS—1349

I.e. from the one light, the entire universe welled up. So who is good, and who is bad.


I.e. you (the God) dwell deep within each and every heart.

Thus in the modern world having problems of environmental pollution, global warming, conflicts for controlling resources of other countries, decline of moral and ethical values, increasing crime and violence etc., Sikhism has the potential to bring about unity of mankind as it believes that the whole world is a creation of one God. Mutual regard and respect amongst all the people are the foundation of true religion. Guru says that:

Aaee pa(n)thhee sagal jamaathee man jeethai jag jeeth ||———SGGS ——-6

i.e. the person who loves all humans as fellow beings is a holy person and controls his mind and does not let it hate anyone wins the world.

Guru also says that:

Too(n) saajhaa saahib baap hamaaraa ||———SGGS ——97

Aval aleh noor oupaaeiaa kudharath kae sabh ba(n)dhae ||

Eaek noor thae sabh jag oupajiaa koun bhalae ko ma(n)dhae ||1|| ——-SGGS——1369

I.e. all humans are the sons of the same father God, no one is good or bad.

Rev. H.L. Bradshow, of the USA, after thoroughly studying the Philosphy of Sikhism, observed:

Sikhism is a Universal world Faith, a message for all humans. This is amply illustrated in the writing of the Gurus. Sikhs must cease to think of their faith as just another good religion and must begin to think in terms of Sikhism being the revolution for this New Age…The religion preached by Guru Nanak is the faith of the New Age. It completely supplants and fulfils all the former dispensations of older religions. Books must be written proving this. The other religions contain the truth, but Sikhism contains the fullness of the truth….
Bradshaw also says:

Sri Guru Garanth Sahib of all the world religious scriptures, alone states that there are unnumerable worlds and universes other than our own. The previous scriptures were all concerned only with this world and its spiritual counterpart. To imply that they spoke of other worlds as does Sri Guru Granth Sahib is to stretch their obvious meanings out of context. The Sikh religion is truly the answer to the problems of the modern man.

The message of Sikhism as enshrined in SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB is the only religious book written by the Sikh Gurus themselves and gives the original and the true message of the Guru’s, who delivered the same to the world as it came to them from The God. There is no other religious script/book of any religion in the world which has been written by the prophet himself. The religious books of all religions have been written by their disciples after 600 years to 700 years after they left this world and as such do not deliver their original true message. Thus the other religions contain the partial truth but SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB contains the complete truth. Thus, SIKHISM should not be thought to be only new religion but a universal faith of the New Age.

Thus in view of the developments in the industrialized world, Middle East and Asia i.e. the different countries of the hemisphere having vested interests and conflicts due to capturing of natural resources of the world by the world powers and threat of terror to the humanity, Sikhism has a global role to play and become the savior of mankind. Sikhism is a universal world faith of the modern scientific age having reason, conviction and gives a universal message of love, tolerance , equality, eliminating exploitation and discrimination in society, resolving conflicts and disputes through mutual dialogue as it believes that all humanity is one and God lives in all and is His creation and Therefore we should love his creation to receive the Grace of God. Thus SIKHISM being a universal faith for the humanity at large is the answer to the problems of the modern world and has a Global role to play. Sikhs should therefore pledge on this day to spread the message of SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB to the whole world for the welfare of humanity at large.