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Should Haryana CM be booked for cow slaughter ban?

holy cowN.S.PHERUMAN:

The utter bigotry and prejudice displayed by Mr. Khattar, CM Haryana in his open threats to the Muslim community under the guise of protection of the cow speaks for itself for his narrow vision and personality, which spreads hatred in society. As such not only that he should be made to resign but action should be taken against him under provisions of spreading communal hatred as per law. His continuance at the helm of affairs of the state, will miserably shatter the social fabric of Haryana state beyond repairs.

The hate campaign in the name of prevention of cow slaughter has taken its toll of another young Muslim life in Himachal Pradesh. This follows the attacks on cattle traders in Mainpuri. In response to a question after the lynching in Dadri in U.P., the Prime Minister broke his long awaited silence after ten days of the incident and simply uttered “What has the Central Government to do with it ?, It is for the State Government to respond.” It was a totally insensitive reply from the Prime Minister.

This clearly indicates why his Cabinet Ministers, BJP MPs/ MLAs and other functionaries are making inflammatory statements, which result in inciting communal violence against the Muslim community. If the PM was sincere in tackling spread of communal tension, he should have removed these people from their posts, which would had an immediate and salutary impact in preventing others from making such statements. But this is not the preferred path of PM, because of the bigger fundamental agenda of Hindutva of polarizing India on religious/caste lines, which the PM MODI actually himself endorses as he himself belongs to the same clan as he has himself been a RSS Parcharak for a long time.
Even the U.P. Govt is answerable for its failure in preventing the spread of communal feelings by the RSS and its cohorts as It has failed to take timely strict action against such people.

The impact of the Hindutva offensive on the issue of cow slaughter is felt from the Himachal Pradesh High Court’s questionable judgement, which asked the Central Government to “consider to enact the law prohibiting slaughtering of cow, import or export of cow, selling of beef or beef products, in its own wisdom at the national level, within a period of three months”. It also gave a directive to the Central Government “to provide funds for the upkeep of stray cattle.” Consequently Vishwa Hindu Praishad has come out to demand formation of such a national law. It is not understood what prompted the judges to give such directions to the central Govt and differentiate the cow to be more sacred than the other animals.

Most states in India, with the exception of the North Eastern states, already have laws prohibiting the slaughter of cows etc. However, most of these states allow the slaughter of dry animals including bulls and bullocks, if the cattle are found to be “unfit for work or for breeding” and declared to be fit for slaughter.
As per the website of the Animal Husbandry Department of the Government of India, the states which permit slaughter of “useless cattle” include Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, W Bengal. In some states such as W Bengal ,Tamil Nadu and Kerala, dry cows can also be slaughtered.

The Article 48 of the Directive Principles of the Constitution, which gives special protection to the cow, not for religious reasons but on grounds of “scientific agriculture” and for “taking steps for preserving and improving the breed and for prohibiting the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle.” This was probably a compromise worked out with the proponents of a national ban on cow slaughter by Dr Ambedkar in the Constituent Assembly, who was opposed to such a ban.

But under the Modi Govt at the centre, the Hindutva wants to reverse the compromise, change the legal provisions and extend it to a total ban removing the “fit for slaughter” provisions and also to link it with a ban on the consumption of beef. This has been done by the BJP Government in Maharashtra as well as Haryana this year and much earlier by Modi govt in Gujarat in 2005.

Mr. Khattar’s comments were deliberately aimed against Muslims when it is well known that more than Muslims or Christians in the North East, beef is the dietary preference of a substantial section of Hindus too. The Commission set up  by Vajpaye govt also reluctantly admitted that “extreme poverty and customary practices in the coastal areas and among some sections of scheduled tribes, scheduled castes and other backward castes also make them beef eaters.” Clearly the issue of beef consumption also has a class and caste dimension.The communal and divisive mobilisation also helps to conceal the utter hypocrisy of the anti cow slaughter campaign.

According to the cattle census of 2012, there are about 53 lakh stray cattle including cows, bullocks and bulls. These cattle have been turned out by the owners / peasants, because it is not economically viable to look after them. The maintenance of a dry cow or useless cattle will cost around hundred rupees a day. That is why, in an earlier judgement the Supreme Court had held that a ” total ban on slaughter of useless cattle which involves a wasteful drain on the nation…cannot be justified.”

It is not understandable that why the plight of such stray cattle/dry cows, slowly starving to death or dying because of ingestion of toxic wastes including plastic garbage, does not shake the conscious of the educated Hindutva forces even. In states, where BJP is in power such as Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, the numbers of such stray cattle are large. The minimum cost of feeding 53 lakh stray cattle would be around rupees 19,000 crores a year. But Mr. Khattar gives only 40 rupees per cattle to registered gaushalas. Since these gaushalas also include milch cattle which require a more expensive diet, the useless/dry cows even in gaushalas, starve to death. Some of the very people who call Cow ‘GAU MAATA’, leave such cows/animals stray, instead of feeding these themselves. It is not understandable and sounds rabid that why even the educated Hindus donot understand and educate other illiterate people that an animal cannot be a mother of human being. This reflects the height of hypocrisy of the Hindutava forces.

No country in the world has such anti cow/cattle slaughter laws. Why does India  need a national anti cow slaughter law. Instead of wasting 19,000 crores on undesirable and uneconomical maintainence of dry/unwanted cows/cattle, we should utilize this money for the noble cause of feeding our malnourished children/other malnourished human population, which will be great service to the humanity as we have highest such population in the world.
Moreover, when no country in the world makes laws for dietary preferences of its citizens, then why India requires laws that determine dietary preferences of its citizens.

Lest the MODI / BJP GOVT learns a lesson from the recent Bihar Assembly elections, where the people have vehemently rejected their Cow slogan and RSS / Hindtava’s communal / divisive agenda by giving BJP and its allies a crushing defeat in Assembly elections, it will face the worst results in the next assembly elections of states and BJP will be decimated in Parliamentary elections as in the last Delhi Assembly Elections. If it happens otherwise, God bless this country.