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Sikh NGO claims to have brought several Vanjaras into Sikhism

NGO-Vanjara-SikhsJasleen Kaur Khalsa writes:

Since many years, I have been reading about millions of Vanjaras & Lubanas who should be brought into the fold of Sikhism. During my trip to Muzaffarnagar, I planned to visit the Village Bawana, District Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India which is mostly inhabited by Vanjaras. As per information gathered during my field visit, I came to know that a Sikh NGO named Sewak Welfare Society, Delhi had visited this Village 10 months back in order to understand and discover their religious roots. The people living in this village told that back in 1950s, few of their forefathers became Sikhs and hence, their families have full faith in Guru Granth Sahib Ji since past 4 generations but out of 1600 Vanjaras, only 450 formally considered themselves as Sikhs. They say that although all Vanjaras living in the Village are associated with Sikhism to some degree but due to lack of Gurmat Parchaar, majority of them do not consider themselves as Sikhs.

Fortunately, Sewak Welfare Society made it a point to initiate Gurmat Parchaar in this Village to ensure that 70% of Non-Sikh Vanjaras living in this Village can be made to join Khalsa Panth. To everyone’s surprise, 150+ Vanjaras have been formally baptised into Khalsa till date and further, hundreds of Vanjaras have vowed never ever to cut their Kesh and maintain their Sikhi Saroop. At this time, 2 full-time Parcharaks have been stationed by Sewak Welfare Society to ensure that by the end of this year, all the Vanjaras living in this Village can be brought into Sikhi Saroop. It is pertinent to mention that the Village elders wish to give the entire credit of Gurmat Parchaar to the founder members of Sewak Welfare Society, namely, S Jasvinder Singh & S.Gurpreet Singh.