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‘The decision of sacking Panj Pyare is unholy’


The decision of the SGPC executives in removing the Panj Pyaraas (The supreme Sikh seat of temporal and spiritual authority) is unholy, irreligious, against the basic tenets of Sikhism and its hallowed traditions.

The Panj pyaraas from whom  the Sikhs partake the Khande Baateh da Amrit (Get Baptised) have been vested with Guruship.

The concept of Paanj Pradhani enunciated in the Japji Sahib by Guru Nanak Devji culminated in the Institute of Panj Pyaraes by Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji while initiating the order of the Khalsa Panth.During the Martyrdom of the two elder Sahebjades of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the Guru was advised by the Panj Pyares to leave Chamkaur Saheb, he too abided by the collective decision of the Pyaaras with utmost humility and accepted their exhortation in good grace.When Guru Dasmesh deputed Baba Banda Singh Bahadur from Nanded Sahib he was exhorted to adhere to the advise of the Paanj Pyaares who were also deputed in every gurdwara.

Before the Kara parshad is distributed to the sangat (Holy Congregation) in the gurdwara the votive offering of the parshad is first offered to the five baptized Sikhs (the Panj Pyaras) which goes on to depict the importance the Sikh Gurus attached to the concept of the pyaaras.

The Panj Pyaaras are not employees of the SGPC they are Sevaks of Guru Panth and  enjoy a position by virtue of a concept and tradition  as ordained by Guru Gobind Singh Ji and which has religious sanctity attached to it.They (The Panj Pyares) are paid an honorarium from the donations and offerings  made by the Sikh Sangat from the Guru Golak. No sikh would partake of any Amrit from any employee of the Shrimoni Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee.

It was only in 1923 that the first Jathedar of the Akal Takht was appointed but he too could not issue any edict unilaterally but took decisions in the August presence of the Paanj pyaares.When the Jathedars issued a wrong edict under the urgings and influence of their political masters of the day, they had to perforce retract a Hukam Nama on Saarsa Saad, in view of the strong protests from Sikhs Worldwide

In removing the Panj Pyaras by their whimsical act SGPC executive committee have committed a humongous sacrilege, besmirched  the Institute of Panj Pyaaras and abdicated its authority to the present dispensation and ruling clan in Punjab, betrayed the panthic ideology and have lost the confidence of the Sikhs.