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Thinking beyond the concept of SGPC to safeguard Sikh ethos


 American Sikh Council has endorsed the resolutions passed at the SARBAT KHALSA 2015 held at village Chabba near Amritsar in Punjab and will associate, make all efforts for implementing these resolutions. Further,  ASC is of the view that the selection and appointment of JATHEDAR AKAL TAKHT and Jathedars of other TAKHTS be made from the competent Sikhs throughout the world and a procedure be laid / framed for this purpose as done by Christians, to maintain the authority and dignity of The AKAL TAKHT.

 Similarly World Sikh Parliament be created, as per resolutions of SARBAT KHALSA to implement SIKH REHAT MARYADA in all the Gurdwaras of the world and solve the disputes of Gurdwaras the world over, as per laws prevailing in the respective countries, by making sub committees for each country. This body should have representatives from all the countries where the Sikhs live and Gurdwaras exist.

 SGPC has been mischievously created by the British Govt under act of parliament in 1925 and which has been erroneously accepted by the Sikhs, but this is very dangerous and damaging if it comes under the control of crooked persons, as at present being in the control of Badals. Moreover, because of it being constituted under act of Parliament, it is the Supreme Court of India which will now decide in the Sehajdhari case that WHO IS A SIKH AND WHO IS NOT FOR VOTING in SGPC elections.

 Furthermore, election to SGPC will be now held under the control of central Govt of BJP/RSS, which is already damaging Sikhism by infiltrating in SGPC through its newly appointed chief secretary Mr. Harcharan Singh, an RSS ideologue and RSS has already got published a distorted history book of Sikhs, which has been recently withdrawn by SGPC on protest by Sikh intellectuals. As such,election of SGPC members should be got out of control and preview of central Govt. to avoid any interference/manipulation.

 World Sikh Parliament should also ensure that so as to implement Sikh Guru’s teachings/ philosophy in GURBANI to stop caste based division of the society, no Gurdwara and cemetery be named in the name of any caste. The names of all existing Gurdwaras and cemeteries named after castes should be got changed.



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