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Transparent transfer policy necessary to curb the rot

Of late I have observed that Employees/Officers in Government services do continue to remain and enjoy in the same Office from the joining to superannuation. This anti-people mismanagement not only promotes lethargy and inefficiency but also tends to degenerate productivity and clean services. A person sitting tight over matters for years may hide his own misdemeanor, and indulge into corrupt practices and misuse of power and position on the same seat. Such long staying employees/officers perform the duties of touts of power centers in general maintaining good rapport and links with politicians and senior functionaries of Government with loyalty. Such of the personnel are instrumental in under hand dealings too, and therefore rewarded rich benefits of no transfer of job or station. Their criminal misconducts may be put under carpet and nourished for pretty enough periods seriously jeopardizing public interest.

It is also noteworthy that some officers are not transferred to another office even after promotions, and they carry on to hold and handle the same job like an ancestral office. A person dealing with a single job   can’t learn more about dealing with other jobs which embarks adversely upon the smooth delivery of public services, and the functioning of public services machinery renders handicapped and crippled by such malpractice.

Job rotation in Banking Industry is being practiced after every 6 months so that all the employees may understand functioning and procedure of all the seats/desks/counters. The maximum stay period of an officer in an (banks) office is restricted to 3 years, and that at one station is restricted to 5 years in view of vigilance angel. Bank Officers are also transferred after promotion to meet the new challenges, and develop & better their skills in the institutional as well as personal interest. Institutional development is coherent to personal development. But the said constructive practices are missing from Central and State Services.

Therefore a transparent and comprehensive transfer policy be framed and implemented for Government services to maintain efficiency and cleanliness. Kindly apprise me of the concrete steps taken by your good office in the instant matter.

Mani Ram Sharma,

Churu (Rajasthan)