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Vipul Mehta’s single ‘Vande Mataram’ music launch at Wagah

vipulWagah: Universal Music Group today announced the launch of the single “Vande Mataram” by Indian Idol 6 winner and one of the most promising singers, performers and entertainers, Vipul Mehta.  Army Official Ajay Sehgal who is part of the Ministry of Defence, Amritsar Cantonment, wrote the lyrics and using these very lyrics as inspiration, Vipul’s version of the iconic anthem ‘Vande Mataram’ pays tribute to the Armed Forces of India.

Though composed and sung by Vipul, this rendition of Vande Mataram also incorporates the voice of his Guruji, the legendary ‘Ustad Maqbool Husain Khan’.

The Wagah border is the physical border between India and Pakistan. As is customary, the daily military parade involves the esteemed security forces of India and Pakistan and has now become a tourist attraction. The launch of Vipul’s single ‘Vande Mataram’ today was witnessed by a spectacular crowd and the Armed Forces, and has commenced the celebrations leading up to the Republic Day.

In 2012, Vipul was selected as the winner of the biggest reality TV show, ‘Indian Idol 6’. Following his win, he released his debut album Hello Namaste Sat Sri Akal on Universal Music.  “Rowaan Mein” his debut single written and composed by Asad Chohan and produced by Ali Mustafa won many accolades and was an instant hit.

Speaking about his single, Vipul said, “The Indian armed forces are always at the border protecting us and the country from any intruders. Thanks to these brave hearts, the citizens know that they are in safe custody. The moment I heard the lyrics which were penned down by Mr. Sehgal I knew I wanted to use this to pay homage to the soldiers.  It is a small gesture from my part to honour them.”